Array Capacity Utilization Reports
Version 9.2.01
Array Capacity Utilization Reports
This section covers the following topics:
Managing Capacity Quick-Start List
Array Capacity and Utilization
Array Executive Summary
List Array Groups
HP EVA Physical Disks
Array Port Utilization
Capacity Planning Summary - Array
EMC Isilon Disks
EMC Isilon HDFS Racks
EMC Isilon License Detail
EMC Isilon NFS Exports
EMC Isilon Nodes
EMC Isilon Quota Summary
EMC Isilon SMB Share Summary
EMC Isilon Snapshot Summary
EMC VNX (Celerra) Data Mover Summary
EMC VNX (Celerra) Virtual Data Mover Summary
EMC VNX (Celerra) File System Summary
EMC VNX (Celerra) SnapSure Summary
EMC VNX (Celerra) Storage Pools Summary
EMC VNX (Celerra) Tree Summary
EMC VNX (Celerra) Volume Summary
EMC VNX (Celerra) Disk Summary
EMC VPLEX Backend Array Summary
EMC VPLEX Device Summary
EMC VPLEX Extent Summary
EMC VPLEX Port Summary
EMC VPLEX Storage View Summary
EMC VPLEX Storage Volume Summary
Hitachi NAS CIFS Share Summary
Hitachi NAS Disk Summary
Hitachi NAS EVS Summary
Hitachi NAS Ethernet Port Summary
Hitachi NAS File System Summary
Hitachi NAS NFS Export Summary
Hitachi NAS Snapshot Summary
Hitachi NAS Storage Pool Summary
Hitachi NAS Storage Server Summary
Hitachi NAS System Drive Summary
Hitachi NAS Tier Summary
Hitachi NAS Virtual Volume Summary
IBM Array Site Summary
IBM Array Summary
IBM Disk Summary
IBM Extent Pool Summary
IBM Rank Summary
IBM SVC VDisk Summary
IBM SVC MDisk Groups
IBM SVC MDisk Summary
How Capacity Values are Represented in XIV Reports
IBM XIV Consistency Groups Summary
IBM XIV Storage Pool Details
LUN Utilization Summary
LUN Utilization Summary for EMC VPLEX Arrays
LUN Utilization Summary for IBM XIV Arrays
LUN Utilization Summary for NetApp 7-Mode
LUN Utilization Summary for NetApp Cluster-Mode
LUN Utilization Summary for HP3PAR
Array Group Details
NetApp Aggregate Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode Aggregate Summary
NetApp Aggregate Detail
NetApp Cluster-Mode Aggregate Detail
NetApp Plex Details
NetApp CIFS Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode CIFS Summary
NetApp Disk Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode Disk Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode FC Array Port Utilization
NetApp NFS Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode NFS Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode Node Summary
NetApp QTree Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode QTree Summary
NetApp Snapshot Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode Snapshot Summary
NetApp Volume Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode Volume Summary
NetApp Volume Details
NetApp Cluster-Mode Volume Detail
NetApp Cluster-Mode Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode Thin Provisioning Summary
NetApp Cluster-Mode Vserver Summary