Array Capacity Utilization Reports > NetApp Cluster-Mode QTree Summary
Version 9.2.01
NetApp Cluster-Mode QTree Summary
Lists NetApp QTree attributes, associated configuration metrics, and counts, with access to additional details. Cluster Mode arrays only. Filter the report by security style (unix, ntfs, mixed) and/or status (snap vaulted, snap mirrored, normal, read only).
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Qtree Name
Name of the QTree. If the QTree is a volume, this is the volume name.
Name of the storage array. Drill down to Array Capacity and Utilization (NetApp Cluster).
ID of the QTree (unique within the volume). This ID is 0 if the QTree is the volume itself.
Indicates whether opportunistic locks are enabled on the QTree. Possible values: enabled, disabled.
Security Style
Security style of the QTree. Possible values: unix, ntfs, or mixed.
Status of the QTree. Possible values: snapvaulted, snapmirrored, normal, and readonly.
The name of the volume. Drill down to NetApp Cluster-Mode Volume Detail.
Name of the NetApp aggregate. Drill down to NetApp Volumes at Risk.
Name of the Vserver. When specified as part of a Vserver-create, this is the name of the Vserver. Drill down to NetApp Cluster-Mode Vserver Summary.
# LUNs
Number of LUNs in the QTree.
# CIFS Shares
Number of CIFS Shares in the QTree.
# NFS Exports
Number of NFS Exports in the QTree.