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Version 9.2.01
EMC Isilon Quota Summary
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This report lists currently established Isilon quotas, including defaults, for all users and folders. It includes capacities for each, if available, with and without overhead. Use this report to validate higher-level roll-up, for chargeback purposes.
Array Name
Name of the storage array.
Quota type.
The user or group name to which the quota applies.
Quota Path
The path to which the quota applies.
Include Snap Usage
Indicates if snapshots are counted against the thresholds.
Hard Threshold
The hard threshold limits disk usage to a size that cannot be exceeded. When an operation attempts to exceed the hard quota, the operation can fail and an alert is logged.
Soft Threshold
The soft threshold allows a limit with a grace period. If the soft threshold is exceeded when the grace period expires, data writes will fail.
Advisory Threshold
An advisory threshold defines an information limit that can be exceeded. Advisory thresholds do not prevent data writes.
Grace Period
The soft threshold grace period (in seconds).
# Files and Directories
The number of files and/or directories under the quota path.
Usage With Overhead
Combined used capacity (in KiB) of all paths in the export (including OneFS overhead). Values are stored as KiB in the database and rendered according to your user profile preferences.
Whether the quota is an enforced quota (true) or an accounting quota (false).
Whether the hard threshold his shown as the capacity of a CIFS share using this quota.
Whether a user or group quota is linked to the default-user/default-group quota for the path.
Creation Date
Day and time the snapshot was created.
Last Updated
The date and time the Isilon storage system data was last updated in the database.