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Version 9.2.01
NetApp Volume Summary
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Each volume depends on its aggregate for its physical storage. Both Traditional and FlexVol volumes contain directories and files; they also can contain QTrees and LUNs.
Name of the volume. Links to the NetApp Volume Details.
Storage Array
The name of the NetApp physical storage for the volume
The name of the associated aggregate
Percentage of the aggregate that is in use
Space Guarantee
The type of space that has been committed: volume, file, or none. Note that file or none indicates thin provisioning.
Flex for flexible volumes, Trad for traditional volumes
RAID Status
raid0 (mirrored), raid4 (single disk for parity), or raid_dp (double-parity protection)
Mouse over the thermometer to view the volume’s % available
Total Capacity
The volume’s total capacity. If the volume is offline or restricted, 0 is displayed.
Allocated Size
Amount of volume space in use. If the volume is offline or restricted, 0 is displayed.
Available Size
Amount of space available on the volume. If the volume is offline or restricted, 0 is displayed.
# QTrees
Links to the NetApp QTree Summary.
# LUNs
# Shares
The number of CIFS shares using this volume—links to the NetApp QTree Summary.
# Exports
The number of NFS exports using this volume—links to the NetApp NFS Summary.
# Snapshots
The number of snapshots using this volume. Links to the Array Group Details.