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Version 9.2.01
Hitachi NAS Storage Pool Summary
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This report lists all of the Hitachi NAS (HNAS) Storage Pools as of the last data collection cycle. There will be a line item for each Storage Pool in the scope of the report describing the capacities and relating to filesystems defined.
Storage Array
The name given to the storage array.
Span Instance Name
The name that was assigned to the span when it was created.
Is Healthy
Indicates if the server has I/O with the filesystems. Yes = the server can do I/O to the filesystems on the span. If storage-based mirroring is implemented, a failed secondary does not impact the good I/O health, because a span can support I/O as long as all its primaries are healthy.
# Tiers
Number of tiers associated with the span.
Total Capacity
Total capacity of the span. Values are stored in the database as KiB and rendered according to your user profile preferences.
Used capacity of the span.
Percentage of the span that is used space, unallocated to filesystems.
# Sets
Number of sets associated with the span. Click this link to view the Hitachi NAS System Drive Summary. Note that a single set could have more than one system drive and therefore the drilldown report may return more rows than indicated by the value in this field.
# Filesystems
Number of filesystems associated with the span.
# Mirrored SDs
Number of mirrored system drives. Click this link to view the Hitachi NAS System Drive Summary.
# Chunks
Number of chunks contained in the span. Storage is allocated in chunks (small allocations of each stripe set, of relatively equal size) from the span (storage pool) to filesystems. When a file system is created or expanded, the server always allocates a whole number of chunks. Chunks can be allocated as needed, supporting thin provisioning, or preallocated at file system creation.
Chunk Size
The guideline or approximate size of each chunk. Chunks are close to, but not always exactly the same size. This size controls how much capacity will be allocated to a filesystem at one time.
Auto Expand
Indicates if a span is auto-expandable: Y or N.