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Version 9.2.01
EMC VNX (Celerra) Storage Pools Summary
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Storage pool ID.
Storage pool name links to the EMC VNX (Celerra) Storage Pool Detail.
Storage Array
Storage Array links to the EMC VNX (Celerra) Storage System Detail.
Storage pool description.
In Use
Indicates if the storage pool is in use: Yes or blank.
Number of filesystems associated with the pool; links to the EMC VNX (Celerra) File System Summary report.
Indicates if it is thin-provisioned: Yes or blank.
Indicates if slices are configured: Yes or blank.
Indicates if the storage pool is a User: Yes or blank.
The disk type comprising the storage pool: CLSTD, CLATA, CLSAS, CMSTD, CLEFD, CMEFD or CMATA; See the EMC vendor documentation for a list of disk types.
# Volumes
Number of volumes that comprise the storage pool; links to the Volume Summary report.
Mouse over the bar to view the used physical capacity.
Used %
% of the physical capacity in use.
Capacity of the physical disks.
Amount of available physical disk space.
Total virtual capacity.
If not thin-provisioned, Virtual=Physical.
Available capacity in the storage pool.
Potential storage pool capacity, including available space that can be allocated (depending on the associated storage profile).
Amount of virtual capacity that has been subscribed (allocated).
If Yes, the storage pool tries to create new volumes before consuming capacity storage from existing member volumes.
If Yes, the storage pool can expand or shrink as needed.
# Data Movers
The number of visible data movers in the storage pool; links to the Data Mover Summary report.
Stripe Members
The number of physical drives in the RAID set.
Stripe Size
Stripe size of the current storage pool; a multiple of 8 KB, 0=N/A.