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Version 9.2.01
EMC VNX (Celerra) SnapSure Summary
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Management of replication checkpoints, using the SnapSure functionality, provides point-in-time file system images. Use this report to examine related capacity usage.
Production file system; links to the File System Summary report.
Links to the Volume Summary report.
Data Mover
List of data mover servers, with their types noted: RO=Read only; RW=Read/Write.
Storage Array
Links to the Storage System Detail report.
Storage pool for the checkpoint file system; links to the EMC VNX (Celerra) Storage Pools Summary.
Auto Ext
Auto-extend: Y or blank.
Virt Prov
Virtually provisioned: Y or blank.
Full Mark
Usage point that triggers a SavVol auto-extend, if system space is available.
Volume where the checkpoint resides; links to the relevant Volume Summary report.
Max Size
Maximum size for auto-extend and virtual provisioning.
SavVol total capacity of the volume.
Amount of SavVol capacity that is in use.
Available SavVol capacity.
Util %
SavVol Used/Available.
Name of the checkpoint.
Size of the PFS when the checkpoint was taken.
Checkpoint amount of storage used.
Available checkpoint capacity.
Util %
Used/Available capacity.
Lists the checkpoint IDs.
In Use
A checkpoint is in use if a file system is registered in the mount table of a Data Mover.
Checkpoint date.