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Version 9.2.01
Array Group Details
Detail reports are related to a specific enterprise object, such as a backup job or SAN fabric. You can only access detail reports through a link presented in the context of a main report, providing additional information that augments the main report. Detail reports cannot be generated, customized, or saved, as they are specific to the report from which they were derived. Therefore, they will not be available in search results.
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For HP 3PAR arrays, see HP 3PAR Common Provisioning Group (CPG) Summary.
This report lists all the LUNs and the physical devices associated with the selected array group.
Storage Array
Links to the Array Capacity & Utilization.
Chassis Number
The array’s chassis number.
Group #
The array group number.
Group Name
The array group name.
Object ID
The object ID, for object-based storage.
RAID type for the array group.
Raw Capacity
Total capacity for this array group.
Usable Capacity
The amount of usable capacity available for creating LUNs; Usable capacity is what is available after storage has been RAIDed.
Used Capacity
Amount of space that has already been used.
Free Usable Capacity
Amount of space available. For HDS arrays, this represents the space from which an LDEV can be carved.
Links to the LUN Utilization Summary.
Total Capacity
LUN’s capacity.
LUN’s RAID type.
Device Number
LUN’s device number.
Device Name
Physical disk name.
Disk’s capacity. This capacity value includes the capacity of hot spares. Therefore, the total for this list of values may not be equal to the total raw capacity listed at the top of this report.
Disk manufacturer.
Serial #
Disk’s serial number.
Disk model.
Firmware Version
Current firmware version of the device.
EMC CLARiiON Storage Array Group Specifics
For EMC CLARiiON storage arrays, the operating system uses a small amount of storage for internal processing. So, in the Array Group Details report, you will notice a difference in the Total (at the top left of the report) and the sum of the Capacity in the List of Physical Devices table (at the bottom right of the report).