Setting Up and Managing Host Groups > Managing Host Group Members
Version 9.1
Managing Host Group Members
The Portal provides the following host group management options.
Searching for a Host
Finding the Host Group ID
Adding Members to a Host Group
Modifying Host Details
Deleting and Moving Host Group Members
Deleting Host Groups
Moving Host Groups
Assigning a User Home Group
To select multiple, non-contiguous members from the list:
Ctrl-click and select individual members.
To select contiguous members in a list:
Click on the first member that you want to select and then Shift-click the last member in the series that you need.
To access long member lists:
Click on the forward and back arrows at the bottom right of the window to page through long lists.
Hosts can be placed into more than one group. Remember that host groups give you the capability of making a logical association with a group for which you have frequent reporting needs. So, for example, if you want to report by both geographical location and operating system, simply add the same client to multiple host groups. For example, if one location is Beijing and one of the operating systems that your company uses is Linux, simply create a Beijing host group and a Linux host group, then add the Linux backup servers/clients to both the Beijing host group and the Linux host group.
For approaches to host group organization and a list of typical host group management tasks, see Methods of Organizing Hosts and Task Overview: Setting Up a Host Group Hierarchy.