Setting Up and Managing Host Groups > Adding Members to a Host Group
Version 9.1
Adding Members to a Host Group
Use this procedure to add a backup server or host to an existing host group. A host group has no physical limitation to the number of hosts it can contain.
Note: You rarely need to add a new host to the database. Data Collectors can populate your database with the ones it finds. You link a host to a host group to define a relationship with that group.
See also Automated Tool to Create Host Groups.
To add a server/hosts to a host group
1. Select Admin > Hosts and Domains > Hosts and Host Groups.
2. Click the host group folder to which you want to add a member. A member list is displayed.
3. Click Add under the Members list. The Host Administration window is displayed.
4. Specify the required information, then click OK.
The External name is the name that will be displayed in reports.
The Internal name must be an exact match for the name of the host as it is recognized by the product from which it was collected.
IP address of the host.
The Make, Model, Location, OS Platform, and OS Version, if known.
The Type that you select from the drop-down list should characterize a specific host.
Description - Enter a description relevant for your environment.
If Attributes have been defined for your Portal environment, select from the list the attributes that you want to associate with the host you are adding.