Setting Up and Managing Host Groups > Searching for a Host
Version 9.1
Searching for a Host
You can find hosts that have been defined in your reporting database. From the search results, you can access specific host details, including the groups to which the host belongs.
1. From the Portal toolbar, choose Admin > Hosts and Domains > Hosts and Host Groups.
2. Click Search.
Internal name
The name that is returned when the data is collected.
External name
The name that is displayed in reports.
Case sensitive
Indicate if you want the search to ignore upper/lowercase.
Host Type
Select the type from the drop-down list.
IP Address
Search on a specific IP address.
This tool supports the following types of searches:
Partial name + wildcard search. Use the following wildcards with a partial name: % or *. For example, in the Internal name, enter ha* to produce a list of all hosts beginning with “ha.”
All hosts list. Leave all fields blank to produce a list of all hosts in your reporting database.
Specific search. Enter a specific characteristic: Internal/External name, Host type, or IP address.