Setting Up and Managing Host Groups > Deleting Host Groups
Version 9.1
Deleting Host Groups
This procedure deletes a host group and all of its child host groups. If you delete a host group, and this host group is the only criteria in a saved report’s scope, you receive an error. If there are other host groups in the report’s scope you will not receive an error. To verify the current scope of a report, click Customize in the Report Designer window.
To delete a host group
If you want to preserve the children of a host group, move them to another host group before you delete the host group.
1. Select Admin > Hosts and Domains > Hosts and Host Groups.
2. Click the host group that you want to delete.
3. Click Delete to delete the host group. If the host group has sub-groups or members, you are prompted to remove these children before you are able to delete the group.
4. Click OK to confirm your selection.