Customizing with Advanced Parameters > Adding an Advanced Parameter
Version 10.1.01
Adding an Advanced Parameter
Warning: Making changes to Advanced Parameters should not be undertaken unless the user understands the impact of the parameter changes. If undesired results occur, revert the settings and contact APTARE Global Support Services or visit the APTARE Community web site for further guidance.
Advanced Parameters by Function and Product
Access Control Advanced Parameters
General Data Collection Advanced Parameters
Cloud Data Collection Advanced Parameters
Host Collection Advanced Parameters
Backup Manager Advanced Parameters
Capacity Manager Advanced Parameters
Virtualization Manager Advanced Parameters
File Analytics Advanced Parameters
A standard set of Advanced Parameters is shipped with the Portal software. Other parameters can be added, using the following steps.
1. Select Admin > Advanced > Parameters.
2. Click Add to incorporate an advanced parameter listed in one the sections listed in Advanced Parameters by Function and Product.
3. Click the Parameter drop-down list to view the possible out-of-the-box parameters that can be configured. Note that a custom parameter can be added by clicking Add (underneath the Parameter list).
4. In the Add Parameter Definition window, enter the specific advanced parameter name. Note that the name is case-sensitive and must precisely match the supported parameter name, as listed in this documentation. See Advanced Parameters by Function and Product.