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Version 10.1.01
Virtualization Manager Advanced Parameters
Warning: Making changes to Advanced Parameters should not be undertaken unless the user understands the impact of the parameter changes. If undesired results occur, revert the settings and contact APTARE Global Support Services or visit the APTARE Community web site for further guidance.
The following advanced parameters apply to Virtualization Manager data collection and can be added using:
Admin > Advanced > Parameters, described in Adding an Advanced Parameter.
Valid Values: Y or N (Default = N)
Set to Y to collect all data for objects retrieved from VMware. This is used to collect raw data suitable for analysis for new features and enhancements.
Valid Values: 0 or higher (Default = 0)
Number of seconds after which to time out datastore listings. The default is no time-out, but VMware will time out in 30 minutes irrespective of the value that is set for this parameter. This parameter only applies to the datastores data collection probe.
Note: This parameter applies per directory in the datastore. The collection will stop scanning a datastore as soon as a single directory times out. Any files collected before the time-out will be persisted.