Customizing with Advanced Parameters > File Analytics Advanced Parameters
Version 10.1.01
File Analytics Advanced Parameters
Warning: Making changes to Advanced Parameters should not be undertaken unless the user understands the impact of the parameter changes. If undesired results occur, revert the settings and contact APTARE Global Support Services or visit the APTARE Community web site for further guidance.
The following advanced parameters apply to File Analytics data collection and can be added using:
Admin > Advanced > Parameters, described in Adding an Advanced Parameter.
Valid Values: Y or N (case-insensitive)
This advanced parameter controls the deletion/retention of work files created by each File Analytics data collector. If the parameter is not configured, the default behavior is to clean up the temporary files.
Note: This parameter should be set only when directed by APTARE Global Support Services.
Valid Values: Enter text to specify the directory to be excluded from data collection.
This advanced parameter can be used to exclude certain folders from File Analytics data collection. For example, you may not want to collect snapshot directories, as they contain copies of replicated folders. To exclude folders, take the following steps.
Add the advanced parameter, AFS_PATH_EXCLUDE_DIRECTORY_NAME, and for the value of the parameter, specify the directory to be excluded.
Valid Values: Y or N (Default = N)
If this advanced parameter is set to Y along with a target server host name, the File Analytics collector logs a statement in Metadata_HostResource_10.log stating "FA Collection Capture Remote Shares: true on Host: <server host name>".
If this advanced parameter is not set, this log statement will not appear in the log and the File Analytics collector excludes from collection any remote shares attached to the target host.