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Version 10.1.01
Cloud Data Collection Advanced Parameters
Warning: Making changes to Advanced Parameters should not be undertaken unless the user understands the impact of the parameter changes. If undesired results occur, revert the settings and contact APTARE Global Support Services or visit the APTARE Community web site for further guidance.
This section contains Advanced Parameters for:
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure
The following advanced parameters apply to a variety of general collection functions, not necessarily associated with a particular subsystem.
Admin > Advanced > Parameters, described in Adding an Advanced Parameter.
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Valid Values: Numeric value in months (Default = 1)
Scope: This parameter can be configured at the Data Collector level.
On the first collection of Amazon Web Services (AWS) billing data, the Data Collector collects one month’s worth of data. To override this period, set the AWS_BILLING_LOOKBACK_MONTHS advanced parameter to the number of months of billing history that should be retrieved during the first collection.
Microsoft Azure
Valid Values: A positive integer
Scope: This advanced parameter applies to Microsoft Azure backup data collection.
Set this parameter to define the maximum number of days to go back when collecting for backup jobs. This is applicable the first time collection begins or if the last collection poll date cannot be determined.
When the data collection last poll date can be determined, and if this date is prior to the number of days represented by this advanced parameter, then this advanced parameter takes precedence.
For example, if the last poll date was 20 days ago, but the value of AZURE_BACKUP_LOOKBACK_DAYS is 3, only the last 3 days of data will be collected.
Valid Values: A positive integer
Scope: This advanced parameter applies to Microsoft Azure backup collection.
AZURE_BACKUP_LOOKBACK_OVERRIDE_DAYS defines an override value to set the maximum number of days to go back when collecting backup jobs. This value takes precedence over all other lookback day settings. If this parameter is set, both a last poll date and the AZURE_BACKUP_LOOKBACK_DAYS are ignored as values.
Valid Values: A positive integer. Default value 30 days.
Scope: For the first time, Azure Billing Collector will collect billing records for the number of days as set by this parameter. If this parameter is not set, Azure assumes 30 days as the default value.
Azure billing collection chooses the start time as the last usage time collected. However, if this start time is more than the number of days (as set by this parameter), AZURE_BILLING_LOOKBACK_DAYS takes the precedence.
The last usage time collected for billing is Dec 15, 2016 and the current date is Jan 20, 2017.
If the parameter AZURE_BILLING_LOOKBACK_DAYS is set as 7 days, then Azure billing collection will only collect billing information for the past 7 days.
If this parameter is set as 50 days, then Azure billing collection will collect the billing information from Dec 15, 2016 until Jan 20, 2017.