Customizing with Advanced Parameters > Overview
Version 10.1.01
Warning: Making changes to Advanced Parameters should not be undertaken unless the user understands the impact of the parameter changes. If undesired results occur, revert the settings and contact APTARE Global Support Services or visit the APTARE Community web site for further guidance.
APTARE StorageConsole provides a mechanism for customizing internal parameters to meet the needs of your organization. These parameters can be configured and restricted to the following levels:
Domain - This scope is useful for Managed Services Partners where the parameter can be applied to all data collectors within a specific environment
Collector - Restricts the parameter change to a specific Data Collector
Operating System - Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, Window, or AIX
Hosts - Defines the pre-existing hosts with the Domain or any new hosts
Command - Defines the command or list of commands to which the parameter value is restricted
SSH port - A change could be made at the domain level and then could also be set for a collector and even for a specific host.
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