Virtualization Manager Reports
Version 9.2.01
Virtualization Manager Reports
APTARE StorageConsole provides insight into Virtual Machine performance and the capacity utilization of mapped datastores. Virtualization Manager offers reports on storage resource utilization at the file system and virtual disk levels for each VM. In additional, forecasting reports predict future storage capacity needs in virtualized environments.
The data collected on Virtual Machine storage is displayed in the reports described in this section. Using these reports, you can identify unused, reclaimable storage.
Virtualization Terminology
Virtualization Manager Overview
VM Cluster Summary
VM Files Summary
VM Server Summary
VM Server Detail
VM Snapshot Summary
VM Storage Mapping Summary
VM Summary
VM Detail
VMs Over Time
Logical Disk Utilization
Datastore Usage Breakdown
Datastore Utilization Summary
Datastore Detail
Physical Disk Utilization
Physical Disk Detail
Datastore Performance Summary
Physical Disk Performance Over Time
Physical Disk Performance Summary
VM Performance Over Time
VM Performance Summary
Datastore Capacity Forecast
VM Size Forecast