Installing the Portal on a Linux Server
Version 10.1.01
Installing the Portal on a Linux Server
Complete the steps in order to install the Portal on a Linux server.
Note: Throughout this document, screen shots and command-line prompts and responses are used to provide a reasonable representation of the interaction you will be viewing. However, they may not display precisely the same text that you’ll see during the installation.
Task Overview: Installing Portal Server Components (Linux)
To install the Portal Server software, perform the following series of tasks.
Note: Root privileges are required for installing all Portal Server components.
For Instructions
1. Review the installation options.
2. Perform the pre-installation tasks.
3. Install the Oracle binaries.
4. Install the Portal binaries.
5. Install the Database schema.
6. Start the Portal services.
7. Request the license key file.
8. Remove a license key.
9. Install the license key file.
10. Perform a cold backup of your Reporting Database.