Installing the Portal on a Linux Server > Task 1: Portal and Database Deployment Strategies (Linux)
Version 10.1.01
Task 1: Portal and Database Deployment Strategies (Linux)
Typically these components are all installed on the same physical server, in which case steps two and three are combined.
Note: The Portal and Database components should be installed on the same server.
Installing Oracle and Portal Binaries on the Same Server
For the typical Portal installation, the installation process consists of these main tasks:
1. Verify that you have the latest binaries for the version you are installing.
2. Install Oracle application binaries. See Task 3: Installing Oracle Database Application Binaries (Linux).
3. Install the APTARE StorageConsole Portal software components. See Task 4: Installing the Portal Application Binaries (Linux).
4. Create the APTARE StorageConsole Database and load the schema objects. See Task 5: Installing the Database Schema (Linux).
Prepare for the Portal Installation
Proceed to Task 2: Pre-Installation Configuration (Linux) to prepare for the installation.