Installing the Portal on a Linux Server > Task 3: Installing Oracle Database Application Binaries (Linux)
Version 10.1.01
Task 3: Installing Oracle Database Application Binaries (Linux)
This section covers the installation of the Oracle Database application binaries. Typically, the Oracle Database application binaries are installed on the same server as the Portal binaries, although in some cases, a separate server may be designated. See Task 1: Portal and Database Deployment Strategies (Linux).
Note: The APTARE StorageConsole server cannot have any other Oracle database instances installed.
Note the instructions provided with the confirmation of your purchase agreement and consult the APTARE Global Support Services, if you require additional assistance.
To Install the Oracle Database Binaries
1. Verify that you have the current version of the Oracle 12c Installer binaries.
2. Login as root on the server where the APTARE StorageConsole Database will be installed. Typically, this is also the Portal server.
3. Place the ISO image into the /mnt directory if not installing from a CD.
4. Mount the Oracle Application CD or mount the ISO image that you downloaded.
mount -o loop <sc_dbinstaller_11204_linux.iso> /mnt/disk
where you substitute the relevant name of the ISO file that you downloaded.
5. Enter the following commands to start the installer (Do NOT cd to the CD-ROM drive.):
cd /
The command copies the ORACLE binaries into /opt/aptare/oracle and sets up the Oracle startup and shutdown scripts.
6. Press Enter to read the entire EULA license agreement and then the installation process will begin.
This takes 3-5 minutes to complete, as it installs files into /opt/aptare/oracle.
Creating group aptare...Done.
Creating user aptare...with default Group aptare... Done.
Creating group dba...Done.
Adding user aptare to group dba...Done.
Creating ORACLE_HOME directory in /opt/aptare/oracle ... Done.
Setting up database directories /data01 /data02 /data03 /data04 /data05 /data06... Done.
Installing ORACLE binaries in /opt/aptare/oracle ...
Extracting files... Please wait, this process will take 3-5 minutes to complete... Done.
Setting permissions for oracle files ... Done.