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Version 9.2.01
CommVault Simpana Policy Backup Copy Details
Detail reports are related to a specific enterprise object, such as a backup job or SAN fabric. You can only access detail reports through a link presented in the context of a main report, providing additional information that augments the main report. Detail reports cannot be generated, customized, or saved, as they are specific to the report from which they were derived. Therefore, they will not be available in search results.
Use Quick search to find the main template, report or a dashboard by name. Search is case insensitive, supports partial entries, and will display a list of potential matches.
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You can use the Explorer tab to browse through the StorageConsole templates, dashboards and reports. The navigation pane displays templates organized by products along with user created, and system folders. The main report is located here:
1. Generate the CommVault Simpana Policy Summary Report.
2. Click the Policy Name. The Policy Backup Copy Details are displayed.
Policy Name
The CommVault Simpana storage policy and links to the CommVault Simpana Policy Backup Copy Details.
Backup Copy
The CommVault Simpana storage policy copy name. Links to the Backup Policy Details report.
Click to display Host Details report.
Default Copy
Indicates if the policy listed is the primary copy. Only one copy in a policy will be the default copy.
Backup location for the data.
Drive Pool
Name of the drive pool associated with the Library.
Max Streams
Maximum number of simultaneous streams of data usable by the policy
Retention Days
Number of days to retain data as specified by the policy.
Retention Cycles
Number of full cycles that backups will be retained by this copy. A hyphen indicates unlimited retention. Both the number of days and full cycles must be exceeded before a backup is aged out. A cycle is a group of backup jobs that starts with each successful Full Backup.
Dedup Agent
The MediaAgent where deduplicated data is stored.
Dedup Store
The file path where deduplicated data is stored on the deduplication agent.
Enabled for Legal Holds
Indicates if the policy listed is enabled for legal holds.
Hardware Compression
Indicates if hardware compression is enabled for the storage used by this backup copy.
Hardware Encryption
Indicates if hardware encryption is enabled for the storage used by this backup copy.
Data Aging
Indicates if data aging is enabled. Data Aging ages data based on the retention rules of a storage policy copy, and then removes that data based on the media recycling rules of the associated media.
Managed Space
Indicates if managed disk space is in use. Managed Disk Space provides a way to prune data according to disk capacity in addition to the existing retention criteria.
Dedup Type
Indicates if data deduplication (if enabled) will be performed on the client or the server.
Dedup Level
Indicates if block-level or object-level deduplication will be performed.