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Version 9.2.01
Array Capacity and Utilization (IBM XIV View)
The report is organized into four columns:
1. XIV Array Summary
2. Physical Summary
3. Usable Volumes
4. Logical Volumes
See also: How Capacity Values are Represented in XIV Reports.
XIV Array Summary
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XIV Array Summary
Storage Array
Name of the XIV array
Software version
Array Type
XIV array type
Array Model
XIV array model
Serial #
Array serial number
iSCSI Name
iSCSI qualified name of the array
System ID
ID of the array
# FC Ports
Links to Array Port Utilization report for these Fibre Channel ports
# iSCSI Ports
Links to Array Port Utilization report for these iSCSI ports
# Disks
Links to XIV Drive Detail
# Hosts
Links to Host Capacity & Utilization report
Physical Summary
The Physical Summary provides system-wide capacity status.
Physical Summary
# Pools
Links to XIV Storage Pools Summary
Soft Limit
The logical amount of space for all storage pools in the array. A soft limit greater than the hard limit indicates thin provisioning.
Hard Limit
Maximum physical capacity that can be used by volumes and snapshots in the pool.
Free Hard
Amount of unused physical space in the array
Free Soft
Unused amount of the logical storage that has been presented to hosts and applications
Hard Utilization
(hard limit - free hard)/hard limit
Spare Disks
# of spare disks in the array
Spare Modules
# of spare modules in the array
Target Spare Disks
# of spare disks on the remote target system
Target Spare Modules
# of spare modules on the remote target system
Usable Volumes
The Usable Volumes fields provide an overview of available storage capacity.
Usable Summary
Disk Space
Sum of the number of drives times the drive capacity
Available Disk Space
XIV Available Disk Space = (number_of_disks - number_of_spare_disks - (number_of_spare_modules * 12) * disk_capacity * 0.96/2
Formatted Volume Space
Sum of all volume sizes, or total allocated (or provisioned) storage
Formatted Snapshot Space
Sum of volume sizes minus the sum of all volumes used
Formatted Space
Formatted available and usable storage
Formatted Space Used
The Formatted Space Used value is used to derive Formatted Utilization
Formatted with No Volumes
The unused portion of the provisioned capacity shared by all volumes; volumes do not consume storage until pages are written by the OS; all LUNs are thin
Overall Unavailable Disk Space
Metadata and system reserve used for traces and statistics
The thermometer mouse-over indicates if storage has been over-subscribed.
Formatted Utilization
The thermometer mouse-over indicates the formatted storage utilization %, calculated as Formatted Space Used/Formatted Space
Logical Volumes
Logical Volumes in XIV Arrays represent the amount of logical capacity that has been made available to hosts (and applications on those hosts).
Logical Volumes
# of Volumes
Links to the LUN Utilization Summary report
# of Allocated LUNs
Links to the LUN Utilization Summary report, which displays the allocated LUNs