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Version 9.2.01
File Sizes
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File Analytics > Storage Efficiencies > File Sizes
View a breakdown of the file sizes across the profiled devices. Each file size group can be exported to a CSV file, which includes details for each of the files, including owners, file type, sizes, and access information.
See also: File Analytics Overview
File Size
This column lists ranges of file sizes. Click the link to launch the Add Export Request to specify the criteria for the file list to export.
# Files
The number of files found for this range of sizes
Files %
% of all files found that fall into this range
Total Size
Total size of all files found that fall into this range
Size %
Size % of all files found that fall into this range
Export List
Click this checkbox to launch a window where you can specify the criteria for the file size data to be exported. See File List Export in the APTARE StorageConsole User’s Guide.
Note: A discrepancy may be noted in the # of Files shown in the File List Export output and certain reports, such as the File Sizes report. This is due to rounding used in the reports. File List Export includes all filenames profiled for the Portal, while the File Sizes report categories are at the KB level and are impacted by precision differences caused by rounding and division by 1024.