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Version 9.2.01
File Analytics Overview
File Analytics offers a highly optimized, lightweight data collector that uncovers files that are needlessly consuming storage. The bulk of wasted space often can be attributed to unstructured data—that is, files that contain data such as email, word processing documents, presentations, and digital media. Unlike structured data, which is managed by database administrators, unstructured data tends to proliferate with reckless abandon, resulting in stagnant and duplicated data. To assess the value of data files, whether they are critical to operations or are merely forgotten files, File Analytics provides data profiling. This data classification enables aggregation of file types and data growth forecasting. In addition, storage administrators can make archiving decisions based on the age of the data and its relevance to business objectives.
Once data collection completes, a number of reports provide insight into file profiles in your enterprise. Using built-in categorization and also file categories that you can customize, File Analytics becomes part of your arsenal of storage management tools. File Analytics aggregates the data, making it easy for you to identify offenders, such as:
Deduplication candidates
File ownership (or lack thereof)
Largest files
File Categories (Top file types by volume)