APTARE StorageConsole 9.1 Release Notes
Version 9.1
APTARE StorageConsole 9.1 Release Notes
Before Upgrading to StorageConsole 9.1
Data Collector Upgrades
Upgrading from APTARE StorageConsole 8.4.02 to 9.1
NetBackup Data Collection Updates for APTARE StorageConsole 9.1
What’s New in the 9.1 Release?
Updates in APTARE StorageConsole 9.1
Portal Updates
Database Updates
Data Collector Updates
Host Data Collection Updates
Capacity Manager Updates
Virtualization Manager Updates
Fabric Manager Updates
Backup Manager Updates
Resolving Issues with Oracle 11g Patch 13 for Windows
Activating New Features and Reports
Reorganization of Existing Reports - 8.4.x to 9.x
Supported Configurations: End-of-Life
Known Issues
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