What’s New in the 9.1 Release?
Version 9.1
What’s New in the 9.1 Release?
This 9.1 software release includes enhancements and fixes since the APTARE StorageConsole 9.0.01 release.
See the APTARE StorageConsole 9.1 Certified Configurations Guide for a complete list of supported products and configurations for the APTARE StorageConsole platform products.
1. Support for EMC Isilon (Isilon OneFS 6.5, 7.0, 7.1) storage array data collection, including performance data, has been added in this release. View relevant collected information via the following reports:
EMC Isilon Nodes
EMC Isilon Disks
EMC Isilon NFS Exports
EMC Isilon SMB Share Summary
EMC Isilon HDFS Racks
EMC Isilon Snapshot Summary
EMC Isilon License Detail
2. For EMC Isilon, 40 published database views have been made available for use in the report template designers. [18186]
3. Support for HDvM 7.6 and 8.0 was added in this release. This enables collection from the Hitachi VSP G1000 array. [19324]
4. A new Host Management feature provides a consolidated view of all hosts collected from your organization.
This view enables you to evaluate collected or imported details, to quickly assess the status of your system’s virtual and physical hosts.
Further categorize the information by assigning custom attributes. This management page enables you to select hosts in your system and apply or revise attributes in bulk.
For many reports, an enhanced report scope selector allows the selection of the host type: VM Server, VM Guest, VIO Server, VIO Guest, or Other.
Many host reports now report on VM Guests and VM Servers.
Use the Import-from-CSV feature to update existing host details with data from a comma-separated values (CSV) file and add new hosts that are not part of the regular collection cycle. [SC-12]
Host Detail reports provide additional details about the host, including the data collection subsystem/product that captured the host information. [SC-1782, SC-71]]
Former references to Servers and Server Groups have been changed to Hosts and Host Groups. For example, the Server Detail report has been renamed to Host Detail.
5. A new Host Volume Growth and Forecast report provides insight into storage usage, from a host’s perspective. [15140, SC-565]
6. For host data collection, updated sudo command lists are provided, by operating system, on the Portal server in: /opt/aptare/updates. These filenames contain both the OS and the version of the sudo commands file so that you can identify the files that contain the latest command updates; for example: hpux_9.1.01, aix_9.1.01, linux_9.1.01, solaris_9.1.01. [12772, SC-568]
7. A new Capacity Manager report, Host Storage Usage Over Time, has been added to the Storage Capacity & Forecast group of reports. [15138, SC-182]
8. Improved LUN Performance reporting provides enhanced charts with drilldown access to additional details. These enhancements can be seen in the following reports: LUN Utilization Summary, Array Performance by LUN, and a new drilldown report, the LUN Detail report. [19113, 19177, SC-2045]
9. For VMware data collection, the following new versions are supported: vSphere Web Services SDK 5.5 ESX or ESXi Servers 5.5 (vSphere) and Virtual Center (vCenter) Server 5.5. [17500, SC-178]
10. Virtualization Manager now includes the following report enhancements:
A new VM Snapshot Summary report is now available. Use this report to identify capacity associated with snapshots. [15072]
A new VM Cluster Summary report provides details about ESX clusters with resource metrics. [15141]
The following reports were updated to include thin provisioning information: VM Files Summary, Datastore Utilization Summary, and Datastore Details. [15440, 15076]
The following reports were updated to include information about disk latency: VM Files Summary, Datastore Utilization Summary, and Physical Disk Performance Summary. [7715]
11. Data Domain 5.4 data collection is now supported. [18357]
12. EMC Avamar 7 data collection is now supported. [19830]
13. EMC NetWorker 8.0 and 8.1 data collection is now supported. [19830]
14. CommVault Simpana 10 data collection is now supported. [18403]
15. APTARE StorageConsole no longer supports collection of IBM TSM versions prior to version 6. [19043]
16. To facilitate user-created report templates, a number of template designers are now provided. To access these designers in the Portal, go to Tools > Templates. [SC-86]
Dynamic Template Designer - Enables custom reports using the following enterprise objects: Array, Data Domain, Host, and Job.
SQL Template Designer - Formerly known as the Report Template Designer. This designer is intended for users with advanced SQL query development knowledge.
Method Designer - Use this designer in conjunction with the Dynamic Template Designer to created advanced processing for use within a dynamic template.
17. The product documentation has been reorganized to improve access to information:
- APTARE StorageConsole User’s Guide: Includes the descriptions and details for Portal navigation, configuration, and usability. It also includes the sections that were formerly found in the Application Administrator’s Guide. Descriptions of reports, formerly included in the User’s Guide, are now included in the APTARE StorageConsole Report Reference Guide. Starting with APTARE StorageConsole 9, the Application Administrator’s Guide is no longer available.
- APTARE StorageConsole Report Reference Guide: Includes descriptions and details for all the out-of-the-box reports provided in APTARE StorageConsole 9.1.
- Portal Installation and Upgrade Guides: In addition to Portal installation instructions, this guide now includes Portal upgrade instructions. This provides all Portal deployment content in a single document per operating system, both Windows and Linux. Starting with APTARE StorageConsole 9, the Portal Upgrade Guide is no longer available.