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Version 10.1.01
Working with the Inventory List View
Leveraging data collected from your data center, the Inventory Navigator provides an accurate picture of objects discovered by StorageConsole. The StorageConsole database contains a variety of inventory object types from which data can be collected; for example hosts (and categories of hosts), switches, datastores and VM servers. For Amazon Web Service (AWS) users, EC2 Instances and S3 Buckets can be collected from; for Microsoft Azure, Storage Accounts and Virtual Servers. Individual categories are shown and populated only when associated objects have been discovered through data collection. Each category name has a count representing the number of discovered objects within that category.
The Inventory List view displays all the collected inventory objects for a category and provides the following:
1. Toggle between the Inventory List view and the Inventory Reports.
2. Assigning Attributes in the Inventory List View
3. Deleting Objects using the Inventory List View
4. Searching the Inventory List View
5. Exporting Objects from the Inventory List View
6. Importing Hosts
7. Creating Custom Object Lists
8. Customizing Columns in the Inventory List View.
See also:
Advanced Search
Setting Attribute Values in the Inventory List View
To access the Inventory List view
1. Click Inventory.
2. Select an item on the navigation panel.
3. Click the Go to Inventory List icon to toggle to the list of inventory objects within the category.
Searching the Inventory List View
Search functionality is available when you are in the Inventory List view. See Navigating with Search for details.