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Version 9.2.01
IBM XIV Storage Pools Summary
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The XIV Storage Pools Summary report provides a view of IBM XIV storage pool consumption, including a hard and soft status indicators to draw attention to when physical and logical capacity has been over-provisioned are reaching capacity limits. For example, for growing LUNs, 30% utilized may not be considered to be over-provisioned. However, over time, it may warrant a second look to determine a more efficient approach to storage allocation.
When generating this report, the Scope Selector enables customization of the hard and soft capacity values used to render the report.
See also: How Capacity Values are Represented in XIV Reports.
Pool Name
The name of the storage pool links to the XIV Storage Pool Details.
Storage Array
Name of the XIV array links to the Array Capacity & Utilization report
Y = thin provisioning
Hard Limit
Maximum physical capacity that can be used by volumes and snapshots in the pool
Physical capacity used by the volumes (see Allocated) + Snapshot Used
% Util
Used/Hard Limit
Capacity that is available for allocation
Amount of storage used by volumes; Note that Allocated does NOT include Snapshots.
Soft Limit
The logical amount of space for all storage pools in the array. A soft limit greater than the hard limit indicates thin provisioning.
Soft Util %
Soft Util % = Soft limit - Available/Soft Limit
Snapshot Used
Amount of storage in use by snapshots
Lock Status
Locked status
Lock Behavior
Lock behavior, such as Read Only
# CGs
Number of Consistency Groups associated with this pool, links to the XIV Consistency Group Summary report
# Volumes
Number of volumes and snapshots associated with this pool, links to XIV LUN Utilization Summary report
Hard Status
Physical Capacity Status: If % Util < 2% = empty, if % Util > 95% = near capacity, if % Util > 2% and <30% = over-provisioned
Soft Status
Logical Capacity Status: If % Util < 2% = empty, if % Util > 95% = near capacity, if % Util > 2% and <30% = over-provisioned