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Version 9.2.01
SnapVault Schedule
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List the SnapVault schedules with array and volume information. View primary or secondary SnapVault schedules for an overview of the associated volumes and retention count.
Schedule Name
Unique identifier of a SnapVault schedule; this name serves as a prefix in the name of snapshots created by this schedule
Storage Array
Link to the Storage System Details.
Volume Name
The volume related to this schedule.
Day of Week
A comma-separated list or a range of days (3-letter abbreviation) for this schedule.
Hour of Day
A comma-separated list or a range of hours for this schedule, where 0 represents midnight.
Retention Count
The maximum number of snapshots that will be kept for this schedule.
Status of the schedule: Aborting, Active, Idle, Queued, or Saving.
Last Updated
The last time the Data Collector updated the Portal database.