Replication Manager Reports
Version 9.2.01
Replication Manager Reports
APTARE StorageConsole reports on SnapVault and SnapMirror data replication details, enabling you to easily identify successful replication, but more importantly, any data protection vulnerability.
Overview of Replication Manager
SnapMirror Summary
SnapMirror Details
SnapMirror Schedule
SnapMirror Status Summary
SnapMirror Data Transfer
SnapMirror Volumes/QTrees At Risk
SnapVault Relationship Summary
Data Protection Dashboard
FlexClone Summary
Aggregate Mirror Summary
SnapVault Secondary Configuration
SnapVault Summary
SnapVault Detail
SnapVault Schedule
SnapVault Status
SnapVault Data Transfer
SnapVault Relationship Summary
SnapVault Data Protection Dashboard
SnapVault QTrees at Risk