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Version 9.2.01
Server Consumption Summary
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The consumption details are listed in a table, which you can sort by column headers. If you are in a large enterprise, this table can get unwieldy, so consider modifying the scope to filter the data by host group.
By default, the report lists clients in descending consumption order, with the heaviest consumer at the top. The following algorithm determines total consumption:
total disk backup + total tape backup = total consumption
Tip: Sort the data by Tape Backup or Disk Backup to identify heaviest storage device consumers.
The fields are self-explanatory, so they are not described.
Use the following links to access additional details:
Report Generated
Host Details Report
Host Details Report
Last Backup
Disk Backup
Tape Backup
The client name.
IP Address
IP address of the client.
Backup server.
Backup Product
Backup product used to backup the client data.
Last Backup
Date and time of the last backup event.
Disk Backup MBytes
Amount of data backed up to disk.
Disk Backup Files
Number of files backed up to disk.
Tape Backup MBytes
Amount of data backed up to tape.
Tape Backup Files
Number of files backed up to tape.
Number of Tapes
Number of tapes used for the backup.