Backup Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reports > SLA Job Summary Report
Version 9.2.01
SLA Job Summary Report
This report can be accessed as a drill down from:
Backup Start Time SLA
Backup Duration SLA Report
For a general description of the Job Summary report, see Job Summary Report.
Click on a client name for a job to view the client server details.
The management server name.
Vendor-specific backup software.
The type of backup job. For a list of the types that are relevant for each backup product, click the Advanced button in the Job Summary Report Designer.
Start Date
Date and time of the beginning of the backup job
Finish Date
Click on this link to launch the Job Details report. For HP Data Protector jobs, multiple items will be reported, representing the HP Data Protector session, which is a collection of clients and their mount points. For these jobs, the finish date is derived from one of the jobs in a session.
Backup job duration
Amount written to the backup media
Backup throughput
Exit Code
The exit code of the backup job. For failed jobs, place your mouse on top of the red exit code to view the exit code details in a pop-up tool tip.
# of Files
The number of files written to the backup media.
Click on a tape link to launch a Tape Details Report.