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Version 9.2.01
Backup Duration SLA Report
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The Backup Duration SLA report displays the total number of backups that completed within the specific time range.
As you are generating your Backup Duration SLA report, consider the following best practices:
Use a consistent duration so that you can develop and compare data across the same interval.
Create a duration report for each business unit or for each customer. Depending on how your company stores data, the Administrator can set up host groups for each business unit
If you have different SLAs with different groups of users or customers, create a unique report for each SLA so that the data doesn’t become skewed. Even if you have the same SLA for all users or customers, consider generating a unique report so that you can share backup duration performance data that is specific to their jobs.
To determine and improve backup duration performance, go to Determining and Improving Backup Duration Performance.