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Version 9.2.01
Available Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reports
Whether you’re an Administrator in an IT department or an Administrator at a Data Center, you commit a specific level of service to your end-users or customers.
Use default SLA reports or create custom reports to provide information that determines if you are satisfying the commitments you made to your users or customers. With access to the Reporting Database, you can configure the metrics upon which the reports are based. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are typically based on the following metrics:
Backup Start Time Performance
Backup Status Performance
Backup Duration Performance
The reports can provide data to fine-tune your SLA and to determine if you’re meeting your commitments. The more detailed your SLAs, the easier it is to cut costs, in the case of an IT department, or provide competitive SLA pricing, in the case of Data Centers.
Refer to the following SLA reports:
Backup Start Time
Backup Status
Backup Duration