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Version 9.2.01
Data Domain VTL Media Summary
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The Data Domain system
Media ID
Media ID
The tape library name links to the Data Domain VTL Media Summary
The configured tape pool
Location of the media
Tape state (RW/RO/WO) is collected only if data collection is configured to use SNMP.
Tape size
Amount of available space on the tape
% Available
Percentage of the tape that is still available
For NetBackup, some environments freeze or suspend their media and do not allow their tapes to fill to capacity. In this situation, a StorageConsole database table can be updated to override the standard estimated capacity calculation with values for Volume Pool ID, Media Type, and Estimated Capacity. When values are supplied in this table, the NetBackup estimated capacity calculations will first determine the average size of full tapes—by tape type and volume pool. If this value is less than the value provided in the table, the value in the table will be used for the estimated capacity.
Refer to the APTARE StorageConsole System Administrator’s Guide for details.