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Version 9.2.01
Capacity Planning Summary - Host
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The Capacity Planning Summary report provides a graphical representation of the allocated capacity by Server Group or some other aggregated grouping (by attribute), for example, Business Unit. A summary chart includes bars representing the allocated capacity for all server groups in the report’s scope, followed by individual charts displaying used and unused capacity for each server group. Often, server groups are configured to represent departments in an organization, so this report can provide an at-a-glance view for department capacity planning. The report relies on historical chargeback data, so a number of pre-requisites must be in place for relevant data to be available.
Several scope selector parameters affect the organization of the data rendered in the report.
Select an Attribute to aggregate the data by an attribute, such as Location or Department. To configure attributes for a host, see Adding Attributes in the APTARE StorageConsole User’s Guide.
Host Type
The Host Type option can be used to include virtual servers in this host-based report: VM Guest, VM Server, VIO Guest, VIO Server, or Others.
Group by
Weeks, Months, Quarters, Years.
Report by Tier
This grouping is driven by Capacity Chargeback Policies. See Adding/Editing a Capacity Chargeback Policy in the APTARE StorageConsole User’s Guide.
Allocate Duplicate Host to All
If a host belongs to multiple server groups, this checkbox enables you to indicate that the host should be counted in all server groups. When unchecked, it will only be counted in the first alphabetical server group.