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Version 9.1
Create Fields with the Field Builder
Often a report template requires fields that are calculated or derived from other fields in the report template, as described in the following sections.
Converting Dates to Numbers
Syntax for Calculated Fields
Examples of Calculated Fields
Converting Dates to Numbers
To calculate a time duration, such as the duration of a backup job, dates need to be converted to a numeric data type.
Append a .time suffix to a field to convert the date to a number.
With this suffix applied, the result is the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the epoch time (midnight of January 1, 1970).
Example of a Duration Calculation:
${D.time - C.time}
Where D is the Job Finish Time field and C is the Job Start Time field. Both C and D are date fields.
Syntax for Calculated Fields
Adding attributes
Subtracting attributes
Multiplying attributes
Dividing attributes
(condition) ? (value if true) : (value if not true)
Equality check
Not equal check
Greater than
Less than
Greater than or equal to
Less than or equal to
And (joining 2 conditions)
OR (joining 2 conditions)
Examples of Calculated Fields
Note that all expressions need to be enclosed in the following format: ${ }
Display status ID having alias A and values 0, 1, 2 to display Success, Warning and Error.
${A == 0 ? 'Success' : A == 1 ? 'Warning' : 'Error'}
Add two numeric fields A and B.
${A + B}
Calculate percentage A from A and B.
${A / (A+B)}
Convert from A which is in KB to GB.
${A / (1024 * 1024)}
Calculate duration by subtracting values of date fields
${G.time - F.time}