Providing Portal Access and User Authentication > Creating User Groups
Version 9.1
Creating User Groups
User groups provide an efficient way of managing many users, facilitating standardized configurations for users that have similar access requirements.
To create a user group
1. Select Admin > Users > User and Groups.
2. Click Add.
3. Enter the name of the group that you want to create.
4. Select the domain in the Domain drop-down list and click OK. To learn about domains, go to Root Folder and Domains.
Setting User Group Privileges
Once you set up a User Group, you can configure the access privileges for the members of that group. Privileges fall into the following categories:
For a list of privileges that can be configured, see About User Privileges and Table 11.1. Each category folder can be expanded to select a subset of the access category. Simply expand the folder and select the privileges to be assigned to the selected host group.
To select an entire category, such as all reports, follow the procedure described in the section, Enabling All Privileges in a Category.