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Version 9.1
About User Privileges
Privileges can be set for both individual users and user groups.
There are distinct privilege categories:
Report scope. Using host groups (or a home group), dictates how wide a net a user can cast when generating report data. When you create a user account in the Details setup, you specify a home host group for that user. See also Creating Portal User Accounts.
Reports. Set what reports a user can access.
Policies. Configure billing, usage and threshold policies.
Administration. Provides capabilities that typically are reserved for administrators including managing hosts and host groups, advanced parameters, Discovery and security.
Cloud. Enable access to new and updated reports delivered by APTARE through the Cloud.
Report Designers. Create custom Report Templates using either the Dynamic Template Designer or the SQL Template Designer.
Various categories of privileges enable you to tailor user access capabilities:
Table 11.1 User Privileges
Privilege Category
Privilege Description
Report Group Access
Access to various reports within a group—for example, System Administration or Management Reports.
Access can be on a per-report basis or for an entire report menu group.
Billing, Usage and Threshold Policies
Access to the Billing and Usage, Chargeback, Threshold, and Backup window policy screens.
Users with this privilege can add/update/delete host group specific Gbyte and Tape Media Consumption Billing Policies for their home group, and host groups below their home group.
Hosts and Host Groups
Browse Hosts - Enables the user to Search for hosts on the Host Group Administration page. It also provides the Host Management page in read-only mode.
Manage Hosts - Provides the user access to view and modify host details. Adding, editing and removing hosts from host groups is also permitted. The Manage Hosts permission includes Browse Hosts permissions.
Manage Host Groups - Provides the user the ability to manage host group membership: add/remove, move. Note: If you attempt to remove a host that is the only member in a group and it will become an orphan by removing it from this group. You must also have Manage Hosts permission.
Permanently Delete Hosts - Manage Hosts enables the user to remove hosts from groups. This privilege enables the user to permanently delete them from the system.
Import Hosts from CSV - Enables the user to use a CSV file to add/update hosts from an external source and ultimately manage them from the Host Management page.
After an upgrade, Browse is selected for all users by default.
For a new install, no privileges are selected by default and must be explicitly set by a Super User.
Enable the permission to set and remove Host Attributes under the Security section. The selection also enables bulk assigning/modifying attributes and their values on the Host Management page.
Control Panels
Provides management of:
Data Collector Policies
Data Collector Upgrades
Advanced Parameters
Provides the ability to authorize management of specific functions:
User Administration
Data Collection Status
Host Attributes
User Groups
Email/Export on Schedule*
Share Reports
System Notifications**
Object Attributes
Collector Logs
Create Ticket
File List Export
*The privilege Email/Export on Schedule is active by default for the Admin role.
**The privilege System Notifications is only available to the Super User.
Host Attributes: Enables bulk assigning/modifying attributes and their values on the Host Management page. This permission requires that you enable the Browse permission under Hosts and Host Groups.
Enables access to new and updated reports delivered by APTARE through the Cloud.
Report Designers
Enable access to several tools for developing custom Report Templates:
Dynamic Template Designer
SQL Template Designer
Method Designer