License Installation and Guidelines > Verifying the Current License Configuration
Version 10.3.00P13
Verifying the Current License Configuration
As a Super User, there are a number of ways that you can validate your current license configuration:
Run the License Summary report in the Portal
Click Help About in the Portal
View License Details
Run the License Summary Report
1. Log into the Portal as a Super User.
2. Search for License Summary.
3. Generate the License Summary report.
Using this report, you can drill down to additional details about counted objects.
Help About
Log in to the Portal as a Super User and in the Portal toolbar, select:
Help > About
The license details are displayed.
Note: Users without Super User privileges cannot view the license configuration details. Only the end user license agreement is displayed.
View License Details
View license details—that is, the specific capabilities that are associated with the license that was purchased for your environment by navigating to Admin>Advanced>License Administration. Your current license details are displayed.