Pre-Installation Setup for NetApp E-Series > Prerequisites for Adding Data Collectors (NetApp E-Series)
Version 10.3.00P13
Prerequisites for Adding Data Collectors (NetApp E-Series)
64-bit OS. See the APTARE IT Analytics Certified Configurations Guide for supported operating systems.
Support Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 10.0.2.
For performance reasons, do not install Data Collectors on the same server as the APTARE IT Analytics Portal. However, if you must have both on the same server, verify that the Portal and Data Collector software do not reside in the same directory.
Install only one Data Collector on a server (or OS instance).
Locate the SMCLI executable.
Port: TCP 2436.
Installation Overview (NetApp E-Series)
Use the following list to ensure that you complete each step in the order indicated.
1. Update the Local Hosts file. This enables Portal access. See Updating the Local Hosts File for Data Collection.
2. In the Portal, add a Data Collector, if one has not already been created. See Adding/Editing Data Collectors.
3. In the Portal, add the NetApp E-Series data collector policy. See Adding a NetApp E-Series Data Collector Policy.
4. On the Data Collector Server, install the Data Collector software. See Data Collector Installation.
5. If collecting from Windows hosts, install the WMI Proxy Service on one of the Windows hosts. See Installing the WMI Proxy Service (Windows Host Resources only).
6. Validate the Data Collector Installation. See Validating Data Collection.