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Version 10.3.00P13
Architecture Overview (EMC Data Domain Storage)
The following diagram provides an example of how the EMC Data Domain Data Collector could be deployed in your environment.
Figure 2 Data Collector in an EMC Data Domain Environment
The APTARE IT Analytics Data Collector connects to the Data Domain system via SSH to issue data-gathering commands from the command-line interface (CLI). See Data Domain Collected Storage Data.
Data Domain systems straddle the backup and storage capacity worlds. When addressing data protection challenges, Data Domain provides backup, archive, and disaster recovery solutions. In support of these solutions, Data Domain appliances supply deduplication and storage management systems. These systems provide storage in the following ways:
Native storage device for backup systems
Virtual tape library (VTL) for backup systems
NFS mount or CIFS share folders for file storage
Data Domain Collected Storage Data
Data Domain storage collection can be configured to collect CIFS shares, NFS mounts, and folder-level compression rates, enabling a consolidated view of storage utilization. For folder-level compression collection, a probe collects file-level compression ratios for both folders and files stored on Data Domain CIFS or NFS mounts. Folder-level data compression rates enable chargeback on used disk space associated with shares and mounts, and folders within those shares and mounts. In the data collection policy, define the share folder depth to be interrogated. For example, a single share may have individual folders for business units. Data about these folders and files is collected and collated, based on the folder depth specified.