Managing Your Portal Environment > Root Folder and Domains
Version 10.1.01
Root Folder and Domains
During installation, StorageConsole sets up a Root Folder and a Domain to support the host group hierarchy structure.
Root Folder
By default, APTARE StorageConsole sets up a root folder. This folder has a unique group identifier (300000). You can rename this host group, but you cannot change its ID. As you create host groups, the Portal adds them into the hierarchy, in the position that you specify.
A Domain provides a way to “partition” the reporting database into separate, private realms. It is used primarily to implement security controls for multi-tenancy systems. See Multiple Domains (For Managed Services Partners Only). A Domain is a unique entity associated with the top level of your host group hierarchy. The domain name was supplied during the installation process and the Portal assigns it to the root folder.
The domain is used by the Data Collector for:
Authentication: The master server record must exist in the host group hierarchy for the domain. (Veritas NetBackup only)
Host Searches: The Data Collector searches the domain’s host group hierarchy checking for hosts associated with the backup data it is gathering. If no host is found, a new host is added to the root-level host group folder for the domain.
Enterprise environments will typically have only one domain. When you add (or delete) host groups or attributes, you do so globally for your domain and all the host groups in that domain. Unless you are a Managed Services Provider (MSP), you should not have to specify a domain when you add or delete host groups or attributes through the Portal.
Multiple Domains (For Managed Services Partners Only)
If you are a Managed Services Partners, you need the capability of managing multiple, independent hierarchies—one for each of your client companies. As an MSP, you will define a unique domain for each of your customers. When you add or delete attributes, you can do so for all domains or you can select specific domains to apply changes.
A domain is associated with a host group hierarchy and all newly discovered hosts are added to the root host group associated with the domain. Each MSP customer will have a separate domain with its own hierarchy.
Note: A host group can only serve as the root for one domain. For example, you could have a host group defined for Acme Corp and then create an Acme Domain that uses the host group as the root of its host group hierarchy. Once a domain is associated with a host group, this host group cannot become the root of any other domain.