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Version 10.1.01
Working with User Groups
User groups provide an efficient way of managing many users at once.You can assign privileges to a group and they are propagated to the users in that group. For example:
Enable access to specific reports
Enable access to functional areas
Assign a set of home pages to launch at login
Privileges also can be assigned to individual users. A user’s privileges are determined from both the user and the group settings. For more information see:
Creating User Groups
Assigning Users to User Groups
Setting User Group Privileges
Creating User Groups
1. Select Admin > Users > User Groups.
2. Click Add. The Add User Groups dialog is displayed.
3. Enter the name of the group.
4. Select the domain in the Domain drop-down list and click OK. To learn about domains, go to Adding/Configuring a Domain.
Assigning Users to User Groups
Both users and user groups must exist to complete the next set of steps.
To assign users to user groups
1. Select Admin > Users > User Groups. The window displays all user groups.
2. Select the user group to which you want to add a user.
3. Click Members. A list of users is displayed.
4. Select the check box for the user that you want to add to the user group, then click OK
Note: A user with Administrative privileges is only permitted to add a user to a group for which that Administrative user is also a member. Therefore, when you create a group, immediately add the Administrative user to the group to enable management of that group.