Pipelined Functions for Report Query Building
Version 10.1.01
Pipelined Functions for Report Query Building
APTARE StorageConsole provides a set of published read-only database views of the underlying data within the StorageConsole database and related object model. The purpose of these views is to provide a read-only reporting or data extraction mechanism for advanced users of StorageConsole.
Typically, these views will be accessed via the SQL Template Designer, where SQL queries can be constructed to develop custom reports. Using these read-only views, you can write your own reports or stored procedure handlers to query the Reporting Database. These views provide a simple and fast mechanism to access a read-only view into the raw data maintained within the Reporting Database.
Pipelined functions can be used to query the StorageConsole database to further expand the capabilities of the custom report templates built with the SQL Template Designer.
The functions fall into the following categories:
General Functions
Backup Manager Functions
Policy Auditing Functions
Capacity Functions