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Version 10.1.01
Data Collector Upgrades
IMPORTANT: The Data Collector aptare.jar may not upgrade automatically. Use the following criteria to determine if you need to manually upgrade the aptare.jar.
Step 1: Verify if a Manual Data Collector aptare.jar Upgrade is Required
Current Portal Version
Current aptare.jar
Upgrade Requirement
No manual Data Collector aptare.jar upgrade is required. The correct aptare.jar will be applied if automatic upgrades are configured.
Releases after 9.0.01
No manual Data Collector aptare.jar upgrade is required. The correct aptare.jar will be applied if automatic upgrades are configured.
* Once you’ve upgraded your Data Collector to aptare.jar version, the automatic upgrader will work as expected, provided you have configured automatic upgrades, as described in “Managing and Monitoring Data Collection” in the APTARE StorageConsole User’s Guide.
Step 2: Upgrade the Data Collector aptare.jar
Choose one of the following options to upgrade a Data Collector. Only one of these options should be executed.
Option 1: First upgrade the Data Collector to the latest aptare.jar version and then upgrade the Portal to version 10. After the upgrade, the correct aptare.jar will be applied if automatic upgrades are configured. Refer to “Managing and Monitoring Data Collection” in APTARE StorageConsole User’s Guide.
Option 2: After the Portal has been upgraded to APTARE StorageConsole 10.1, any version of the 9.x Data Collector can be upgraded manually using the <HOME>/mbs/bin/downloadlib.sh or <HOME>\mbs\bin\downloadlib.bat script.
Manual Download of the aptare.jar File
Use the following procedure to manually update your Data Collector:
1. Use the downloadlib utility to manually download the aptare.jar file. Note that this utility must be run with administrative privileges.
Windows: <Home>\mbs\bin\downloadlib.bat
Linux: <Home>/mbs/bin/downloadlib.sh
2. If you run the downloadlib utility and you get the following message, it indicates that the restore failed or is in progress: Restore has been running for more than 10 minutes, unable to proceed with collector upgrade.
To proceed, delete the restore.txt file and re-run downloadlib.
Windows: <Home>\upgrade\restore.txt
Linux: <Home>/upgrade/restore.txt
Data Domain Data Collector Policy Updates
Enhancements to Data Domain data collection enable a Test Connection function for individual Data Domain servers configured in the policy. The following lists explain the impact on an existing Data Domain Data Collector Policy.
Before APTARE StorageConsole 10.x.xx
Data Domain servers listed in a data collection policy could have any of the following formats:
host name, such as HQfinance1
IP address, such as
range of IP addresses, such as
After APTARE StorageConsole 10.x.xx
Data Domain servers in a data collection policy are listed by host name and can be activated/deactivated individually. During the Portal upgrade, the servers in each Data Domain policy are migrated as follows:
IP addresses now will be listed by host name.
Ranges of IP addresses are evaluated and if an IP address is associated with a Data Domain server, the host name will be added to the Data Collector policy list.
As part of the Portal upgrade, a process searches for relevant Data Domain servers and then adds them to the policy’s list as Inactive (unchecked) servers. They will be listed as Inactive until they are explicitly activated.
Best Practice After the Portal Upgrade for Data Domain Verification
After the Portal upgrade, take the following steps.
1. Edit the Data Collector policy to verify that all expected Data Domain servers are listed as Active.
2. To facilitate verification in large environments, use the new Export button in the Data Collector policy to export the servers to a comma-separated list.
3. If you determine that Data Domain servers are missing from a policy’s list, check the scon.log file for database migration messages.
Clustered NetBackup Upgrade Procedure
For Distributed NetBackup deployments only (Data Collector software is installed on each NetBackup Master Server)
Clustered NetBackup Nodes require a unique upgrade strategy in order to keep their Data Collector versions in synch:
The active node automatically updates during the Portal upgrade process.
The passive node requires a manual update.
To ensure that both the active and passive nodes in a clustered pair are operating with the same version of the Data Collector, take the following steps:
1. After a Portal upgrade, the Data Collector automatically updates the NetBackup Master active node to the latest aptare.jar version. This process then pushes the update to all the collectors in the policy.
2. Fail over to the passive node in order to make it the active node.
3. At the command line of the newly active node, use the downloadlib utility to manually download and update aptare.jar.
Windows: <Home>\mbs\bin\downloadlib.bat
Linux: <Home>/mbs/bin/downloadlib.sh
Note: Check with your Veritas representative to determine if anything needs to be disabled prior to taking this step on the newly active node so that the upgrade does not trigger an event.
Re-Installing Data Collectors
About IBM TSM Data Collectors
For upgrading TSM Data Collectors from ANY release previous to 9.2.01, you must uninstall and then perform a fresh install of the TSM Data Collectors. This is different from the upgrade methods for other collectors.