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Version 10.0.00
Port Performance Dashboard
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This four-portlet dashboard initially presents a list of paths in the upper left portlet. The other three portlets remain blank until a path is selected.
Ports Portlet
Port #
The number of the port. This is a string, not a numeric field.
The status of the port.
Switch Name
The name of the Switch. Click to link to the Switch Details.
The speed of the port.
The type of port.
Indicates if the port is licensed
Connected To
The device the port is connected to. Click the link to view the Array Capacity & Utilization Report.
Port Details Portlet
Port #
The number of the port. This is a string, not a numeric field.
Element Name
Element name
The status of the port; could indicate an error condition
The type of port
The Worldwide name of the port
Switch Name
The name of the Switch. Click to link to the Switch Details.
SAN Fabric
The name of the SAN Fabric. Click to link to the SAN Fabric Details.
Connected Device
The device to which the port is connected
Connected Port WWN
The WWN of the port of the connected device
The short description of the port
Device Identifier
Unique identifier for the connected device
The speed of the port
Auto Sense
Indicates if the port can automatically determine the speed of attached devices
Indicates if there is a license for this port
ISL Mode Enabled
Denotes inter-switch link capabilities
The capability for multiple connections defined as a single link, on inter-switch links
NPIV Enabled
Indicates if a single Fibre Channel port is enabled to appear as multiple, unique ports.
Domain Port #
This port’s number within the switch’s domain
Enabled or Disabled. If the port is not connected, the state is not applicable.
Max Gb/Sec
The maximum speed of the port.
Port Index
The port’s position in the slot or switch