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Version 9.2.01
Real Time Library and Drive Status
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Use this report to monitor the health of each library. This report displays current high-level information for each tape library in your environment. The data will only be as current as the time of the most recent poll of your management server(s).
NOTE: Only Symantec NetBackup and EMC NetWorker jobs are supported for this report. Also, the report requires a homogeneous host scope—that is, choose either all NetBackup servers or all NetWorker servers in your host group scope selection.
Library name.
The type of library, such as Optical or HCART.
Management Server
Click this link to view Host Details.
The number of slots in the library.
The number of drives in the library.
In Use
Number of drives currently in use.
Drives Available
Drives - In Use = Drives Available
The number of disabled drives. When this number becomes equal to or greater than 25% of the library’s drives, the library’s row of information will be highlighted in red.
Avail %
The percentage of drives in this library that are available.