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Version 9.2.01
Data Domain Filesystem Compression
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Use this report to view a bar chart of the last day’s (24 hours) compression statistics, both data sent before compression and also the actual physical space used. These statistics provide insight into how well compression is working during that time period.
Actual amount of space in use.
Sent (pre-comp)
Amount of data sent prior to compression is represented by the yellow bar in the graph.
Global Comp
Use this value to determine de-duplication efficiency. Represented by the triangle, the Global Compression factor is derived from the pre-compression (data sent before compression) divided by the size after de-duplication.
Local Comp
The Local Compression factor (file compression) is represented by the circle. This value is derived from the size after de-duplication divided by the space used.
Total Comp
Represented by the square, the Total Compression factor is derived from data sent divided by space used.